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Aluminum extrusion tool design and material selection principle(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-04-27
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Aluminum extrusion tool design and choice of materials should refer to the following principles
Aluminum Extrusion tools typically include extrusion axis, piercing needles, gasket extrusion, extrusion molding, extrusion tube, in addition to mold support, needle bearing and some other parts. Aluminum extrusion tool designed not only to be considered from the point of view of product quality assurance, it is reasonable shape, but also in the design and selection of materials, you should also consider their life, whether it easy to use and maintain, as far as possible to improve the aluminum production efficiency and reduce the cost of aluminum products.
Principles aluminum extrusion material selection tool
1, at operating temperature, there is sufficient high temperature strength and hardness, high resistance to tempering and heat resistance.
2, a sufficient toughness, low thermal expansion coefficient and good thermal conductivity.
3, in order to ensure uniform mechanical properties of the tool throughout the cross-section, have a good hardenability, good high temperature oxidation.
4, good wear resistance and good thermal fatigue resistance, and has good processing and low price.

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