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How to fix the aluminum extrusion dies(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-04-27
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Extrusion Die modified main contents include: adjusting the flow distribution ratio of metal (such as: mold vent hole or diversion tank sizing, electrical erosion drainage groove depth adjustment), adjust the contact friction coefficient, obstruction and interception methods (eg : Various methods based hinder stopped, etc.) and work with the die hole length adjustment, etc. to change the outflow speed metal die hole, so that the metal mold evenly outflow holes produce qualified extrusion products. Therefore repair mode must mastered the relevant inspection techniques to determine the cause and correct product defects generated analysis to effectively mold amendment.
Distribution ratio of the metal supply amount, mold designers and primarily determined by manufacturing. When the mold produced, the distribution ratio of metal to the basic fixed. Designers must seek a reasonable allocation. If the allocation is unreasonable, resulting in non-uniform velocity profiles of each part, to the repair mode bring some difficulties, serious or even unable to repair mode. For most mold, although metal allocation has been determined, but the frictional resistance between the metal and the mold can be changed, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the flow rate of the metal. Friction between the metal and the mold is composed of three parts: the contact with the mold surface friction metal contact with the friction between the die hole work, the relative motion between the metal and the metal friction. Improve the metal and the mold surface friction conditions, can play the role of adjusting the flow rate of the metal. Changing the allocation amount of metal, the length of the extrusion speed and the friction conditions can be adjusted to work with the metal outflow speed of the die hole. Die amendments focused primarily on a variety of effective ways to adjust the distribution ratio of the metal, contact friction conditions and work with the die hole length to alter the flow characteristics of the metal, the metal mold evenly outflow hole profiles produce qualified products. To overcome the shortcomings of metal flow generated uneven, we must study how to make consistent speed metal out of the profile section of each part, this is the principle to be followed in the mold design, but also the basic principles of mold repair personnel followed. Although the factors affecting metal die hole outflow speed a lot, but can be summarized into two basic factors:
a. metal supply section of the profile of each flow distribution section is appropriate. That ratio is the ratio of the sectional area of ??each part of the profile of the metal flow is equal to the corresponding part of the supply;
b. When the metal flow, suffered friction size, when the amount of metal supply more a part of the profile, the more friction hours outflow velocity profiles in this section of the die hole faster, whereas the slower.
How to fix the aluminum extrusion dies, is summarized in terms of: a correct analysis and judgment, reasonable adjustments to the flow rate of the metal.

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