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Aluminum (Al) and the birth(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-04-27
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        Aluminum content is very rich on earth metal element, its atomic number: 13, atomic weight: 26.98154. Its reserves ranked No. 2 in the metal.
        In 1854, French chemist Deville to bauxite, charcoal, salt mix, Walter got heated after chlorine NaCl, AlCl3 complex salt, then this complex with an excess of sodium salt melt obtained aluminum. At this very precious aluminum, reportedly at a banquet, the French emperor Napoleon III with aluminum fork alone, while others have used silver tableware. At that time the King of Thailand had used an aluminum bracelet; 1855 Paris World's Fair, displaying a small piece of aluminum, the label reads: "From clay silver," and place it next to the most precious jewels. Until 1889, the Chemical Society of London, also aluminum and gold vases and cups as a precious gift Mendeleev.
        1886, the United States and France  Hall, which are independent of the electrolysis of molten mixture of bauxite and cryolite, aluminum prepared, laid the foundation for today's large-scale production of aluminum.
        The 19th century, "aluminum", becoming the three most important industrial development metals, aerospace, construction, automotive and competitive in engineering applications require materials with unique properties characteristic of aluminum and its alloys, which greatly benefit this production and application of aluminum - new metal.
        "Al" is a very useful metal. Clay-like bauxite (Bauxite) is an important source of aluminum (bauxite containing 50-60% alumina), the bauxite through a special machining to improve its purity, and then precipitated alumina by chemical processes namely alumina. Then dissolved in cryolite-alumina electrolyte separated liquid metal and aluminum casting equipment was transferred to cast into ingots.
        "Aluminum", the most important characteristic is light weight, specific gravity 2.7, a density of about 1/3 of general metal. The conductivity of aluminum wire used about 61% copper. Aluminum also has a high degree of thermal conductivity, half silver, aluminum melting point of 660 degrees Celsius. Although extremely soft and highly ductile aluminum, but still cold and made with alloy to make it harden.
        "Aluminum" Another valuable feature is the "cycle applications (recycled aluminum) Recycling of Scrap Aluminum". Renewable sources of various types of aluminum production and smelting of aluminum scrap product skimming and slag processing. Primary aluminum production and secondary aluminum production, both in the whole is relevant and complementary. Recycled aluminum and low production costs, and its primary aluminum material than there is not much difference.
        "Aluminum", the greatest use in the transport and construction. As the "aluminum" look at the excellent air stability and anodized suffered greatly after application, kitchen appliances are "aluminum" The earliest use today is still a very large market. Based on its chemical resistance, "Al" is particularly suitable for use in chemical manufacturing and storage components. "Aluminum" high affinity for oxygen, it is also used extensively for steel and iron oxygen scavenger. The "Al" is more widely used in the construction industry and the various transport and manufacturing.
        Historical process nearly a century, the production of aluminum rose sharply, to the 1960s, "aluminum" in the non-ferrous metal production in the world than the "copper" and ranked first, then the "aluminum" is not part of the Royal nobility, its use involves many areas, ranging from defense, aerospace, electric power, telecommunications and other, small pots and pans and other household items. It's very versatile compounds, different aluminum compound plays an important role in medicine, organic synthesis, petroleum refining and other aspects.
The main characteristics of aluminum
        Excellent characteristics of aluminum and its alloys is its appearance, good light, physical and mechanical properties, as well as good corrosion resistance, so that the aluminum and aluminum alloys in many application areas are considered the most economical and practical.
        The density of aluminum is only 2.7g / cm3, about steel, copper or brass density (respectively 7.83g / cm3,8.93g / cm3), 1/3. Under most environmental conditions, including air, water (or brine), petrochemical and many chemical systems, aluminum can exhibit excellent corrosion resistance.
        The aluminum surface is highly reflective. Radiation, visible light, heat, and radio wave radiation can be effectively reflected by aluminum, and anodized surface and dark anodized may be reflective, and may be absorbent, aluminum polished in a wide wavelength range has excellent reflectivity, which has a variety of uses and decorative purposes having reflective functionality.
        Aluminum is commonly exhibit excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, an aluminum alloy having a high specific resistivity has been developed, these alloys can be used as a motor of high rotation Ju. Because of its excellent electrical conductivity of aluminum and are usually chosen. In an equal weight basis, nearly twice the conductivity of the aluminum copper. Thermal conductivity of aluminum is about the amount of the rate of 50-60% copper, which manufacture heat exchangers, evaporators, heating appliances, pots and pans, as well as the car's head and radiator are all beneficial.
        Aluminum non-ferromagnetic, which in terms of the electrical and electronic industries is an important feature. Aluminum is not spontaneous combustion, which is important for applications involving contact with flammable material handling or speaking. Aluminum non-toxic, generally used in the manufacture of food and beverage containers containing. It has a pleasant state of natural surface appearance. It is soft, shiny, and for aesthetics, but also coloring or contracted texture pattern.
         Some aluminum in strength than structural steel, aluminum and some aluminum but low strength and hardness. In modern life, the aluminum has been widely used in the construction industry.

Aluminum also has the following characteristics:

        Machinability: aluminum machinability is excellent. In various modifications of aluminum and cast aluminum, and each state in the outputs of these alloys having, the variation in machining characteristics quite large, which requires special tools or techniques.
        Formability: Many aluminum and aluminum alloy which is one of the more important characteristics. Specific tensile strength, yield strength, ductility and corresponding hardening rate dominates the deformation permitting volume changes. Aluminum commercially available in different forms depending on the rating of formability process for forming. These ratings qualitative control for metal processing characteristics in general can only play a guiding role, and that is not quantitatively as formability extremes.
        Malleability: Aluminum can be forged into shape with a wide variety of forgings, forging their final component design criteria range of options (based on the intended use) is very wide. Available in a variety of ways to connect aluminum connections, including welding, resistance welding, brazing, soldering, bonding and mechanical methods such as riveting and bolted like.
        Recyclability: aluminum with high recyclability, recycled aluminum features and primary aluminum is almost no difference. This aluminum become the darling of environmentalists.

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