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Crutches are fracture patients out of bed support tools should be selected in the selection of good quality, solid handrails, height adjustable, there is light crutches Guaitou slip device, usually aluminum products optimal. Before use, health care workers should be learned to use a cane, function and significance level debugging methods and various parts in order to ensure patient safety.

Principles and timing of walking with crutches

Walking with crutches is an important part of the lower limb fracture patients functional exercise, so crutches timing is very important, early ambulation too late will cause adverse effects on fracture healing and rehabilitation. Shimoji best opportunity lies in the formation of callus. This period of local pain, swelling, soft tissue has been fixed, the fracture site has initially stable, internal and external callus formation has started, especially after the patient in bed a few weeks of exercise, muscle contraction strong when ankle dorsiflexion, limb raise enough not tremble, that can allow patients to begin practicing walking with crutches away from the bed.

Crutches methods

Crutches method is very important for fracture healing. Height crutches should be based on the patient's height and commissioning, general height crutches patient hands, turn away from the armpit top 5 ~ 10cm, shoulder width. Because the force crutches in his hands instead of relying on the armpit to support the body, or likely to cause brachial plexus palsy, in the event despite the rest can be restored, but it will affect the progress of the patient's emotional and functional exercise. Walk

Well first of all to walk with crutches when patients stand a good posture, feet and crutches head isosceles triangle, the first step limb, toe insurmountable crutches head connection. After a smooth stop, turn his hands moved a step forward at the same time healthy limb 30cm, after a firm lift the limb, while mentioning Shui move forward at the same distance, foot and Guaitou while landing, but the toe is still head down on crutches connection inside, so gradually forward. When patients first get out of bed may help abducted road stride is too large, the focus after the shift, easy to fall, so the use of crutches were in the process of health care or accompanying relatives have to overcome randomness and blindness.

Abandoned Shui

Patients with lower extremity fractures Shui is temporary, after fracture healing should promptly abandoned Shui. However, in practical work, found in some patients prematurely abandoned Shui, and even lead to fracture deformity plate bent or broken, the impact of the patient's recovery, or even need surgery again. There are some patients there are concerns about the fracture healing, not abandoned street, over time, can cause an imbalance to the detriment of the lower limbs forced limb rehabilitation. Shui principles are abandoned to reach the fracture healed.

The principle of using crutches

All lower limb fracture patients after callus formation period starts from the bed should exercise crutches, no load or light load walking. If the fracture in the femur in the previous paragraph, when walking with crutches limb should be kept abduction 30 °, femur and lower leg when walking with crutches, the limb should maintain a neutral position. Pace is not too large, not too fast speed, no more than 25 steps per minute, lower extremity fractures out of bed should achieve clinical fracture healing, generally about eight weeks, and preferably with external fixation ambulation protection.

Use single Shui principles

After lower limb fracture healing, may use crutches cane walking exercise. The principle is: the backbone of the middle and upper segment shares, femur, or leg fracture with mild outward angle, should first remove the affected side street, and to keep the limb while walking outside, and prevent angled to increase, it is because of the femur there is a fracture in the upper section angled outward orientation, other cases should be removed contralateral crutch.

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